"Cabbage Grisham and the Great Hornet Conspiracy"

Special Guest: Will AKA Cabbage Grisham

In this, the sophmore episode of 'Readings4Suckers', our heroes travel on a downward spiral of comedy and nonsense. Inspiration takes a dark turn when joined in the studio by the incomparable Cabbage Grisham. They talk about all of the news and Baseless Claims that you love and have grown accustomed to....after one week.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptous!


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"Straw Women and Pod People"

Special Guest: Mark Reed

This is the innagural episode of the new podcast, 'Readings4Suckers,' brought to you by the same people who have brought you absolutely nothing. It is a fun journey through news, baseless claims and everything that makes talking with your friends both fun and not at all intelligent.

Always presumptous, never accurate.

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