Independence Day Resurgence Review

This week, we review Independence Day Resurgence, and we enjoyed the crap out of it. Listen in as we basically get on our knees and juggle this movie in our mouths. Of course, we also freely admit that this movie is beloved almost solely because of nostalgia and we talk about the real world ramifications of visiting aliens.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!

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Tougher Than Leather Movie Review

Mike is joined this week by none other than PodcasterXWeedZor420, (It's what he wanted to be called), to review the 1988 classic movie Tougher Than Leather, starring Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. We dig around in this grimy urban classic and turn over stones that were probably not meant to be flipped and are shocked at what they found. So listen in for a very weird time.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!

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Gods Of Egypt DVD Review

This week, we review the recent Blu-Ray release of Gods Of Egypt, a movie so bad, that we don't even know where to begin. From the terrible CGI, the wooden acting and the white washed cast, watching this movie was truly a low point in our combined history. We did find a way to make it worthwhile, because we now have a contest for our listeners to name our new lowest rating ever for our rating system.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!

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X-Men Apocalypse Review

We at Readings4Suckers have decide on a format change. We are now a show about movie reviews. Do not let that scare you though, in fact, let that liberate you my friends, because even though change can be scary, there will still be two guys sitting at the table cracking wise, talking smack and being overall inappropriate. So join us for something old humping something new, and let us be the proud trophy wife of your podcast selection.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous! 

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