Legalize Dueling

In this episode, we talk about how amazing it would be if pistol dueling was legalized and regulated as a public service, We have foreseen an end to almost all of the world's problems with this simple idea, We also eulogize Prince and talk about how Mike wants to punch you and your kids!

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous

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One Dollar Plate

This week, we talk about the stigma that goes along with owning your own compound. We lament that society just doesn't understand the need to live with walls to keep them out, and how they always try to crawl your butt. We also crap on florida some more.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!

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Name In The Paper

Term limits have yet to be set, as this week Tom and Mike discuss getting their name in the paper by talking about the theoretical crimes they want to commit. Also discussed is Mike's truly disproportionate responses to perceived slights against him and how he would screw with John Hinkley Jr.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!


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Term Limits

We debut Mike's new insult, and we also talk about Tom's insatiable need to combine two words into one, usually leading to the dumbest possible concoction. We also really dig into the difference between honesty and just being mean, and talk about the satisfaction gained from each one. We also talk about how it should be way harder to lose big objects, like airplanes and trains. 

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!


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