MovieWatch- Jack Frost

Special Guest: Tom Reed

First and foremost, this is not the Michael Keaton family movie!

On this, the holiday edition of MovieWatch, we watch 1997's Jack Frost, starring Shannon Elizabeth and no one else you have ever heard of. Hear the guys delight over snowman based one-liners, a town full of idiots and marshmallow feces. Listen as Mike threatens comeuppance at Canada over the War of 1812, his defense of Ferris Bueller's life decisions and his war crime level duke at a Wal-Mart. That's right, international and national incidents rolled into one episode, so gather around the yule log and listen to the guys talk out of their butts for a good old holiday time!

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Holiday Mix-Tape Vol. 1: X-Mas

Special Guests: Many!

Welcome to Christmas, Readings4Suckers style! We talk about gift giving practices, the good, the bad and the practical. Mike brings love to his home state of New Jersey, while Sully wants to control a robot planet and both guys don't understand how Swedish taxes work. We talk about how dangerous nunchucks are in the wrong hands, Sully's flashlight based Christmas and of course, Krang. So grab some nog and put up some ghetto decorations, because we also got a holiday mix-tape!

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100th (46th) Episode Spectacular

Special Guests: Mike and Sully

This week we offer up something a little different, in the form of a reverse episode. Mark and Will W. have the helm in this all new episode of Readings4Suckers. Listen along, as the lies are spewed out, questions are turned back around on the temporary guests and paradigms are shifted. Listen to Will shill, Mark babble about his fictional time in a war and Mike hate on Zach Braff. The inmates are running the asylum, and it's our own damn fault. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

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Spanish Champagne For All

Special Guest: Fred

Note: Due to holiday commitments, the role of Sully will be played by Tom on this week's episode of Readings4Suckers.

We are joined this week by one of Mike's oldest friends in the world, Fred, for a filthy and hilarious good time. The guys talk about when they lived in Japan, Tom regales all by making everything awkward and Fred just gets downright filthy. Learn a fantastic deep fried turkey recipe which Mike stole from a celebrity chef, all while Tom removes the stigma of sex work and we learn about the evil of the Cockenthrice. So listen along and pray for the polio dolphin!

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