"MovieWatch- The Star Wars Holiday Special"

Special Guest: Mark Reed

In this episode of Readings4Suckers, our heroes try something a little bit different. They decided it would be a good idea to watch and review "The Star Wars Holiday Special," and they were wrong...dead wrong. Listen to the outrage of three grown men watching a children's show and being royally offended by it. Learn about "Beatrice" Arthur, Harrison Ford and Harvey Korman's possibly award winning performances.* Dance along to the music of Jefferson Starship and Princess Leia. Hear Readings4Suckers take one for the team and watch something so you don't have to. They aren't Siskel and Ebert; They are Mike and Sully. Be forewarned, unless you are totally prepared to listen to three boobs talk about lightsaber dildo microphones, you should probably Kessel-Run away.

*They were not nominated for any awards for these roles, but deserve them for surviving the process.

Never Accurate, Always Presumptuous!


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